Favorite Homebrewing Blog Posts I Read this Week (2/14-2/20)

This has been a busy week for me. Too many brewing activities to make a blog post, though I have material for several now. This week I kegged the stout, built a stir plate, refreshed my plastic equipment and got a new siphon, and started my chilling experiments with different diameter copper tubing. Thankfully, I did have time to read plenty and find a new batch of favorite posts! So without further ado, here they are!

Favorite Homebrewing Blog Posts

My Favorite Homebrewing Posts this Week

Ales of the Riverwards – HBC-438: The Homebrewers Hop, for now

Ales of the Riverwards is another homebrewing blog that’s been around for a few years now. He posts some delicious recipes, great how-tos and overall interesting articles. This one is no different. In his most recent post, he talks about a new hop varietal and it’s characteristics by brewing an IPA using only this hop. The flavor sounds very complex, interesting and is definitely something I will experiment with as I work into American style ales. The post also includes a pretty delicious sounding recipe and does a good job explaining the flavor profile of this new hop.

A Ph.D. in Beer – Off Beat Yeasts (and Bacteria)

A Ph.D. in Beer is a blog by Matt, a microbiologist who loves to homebrew. His scientific background and training make his posts about yeast and bugs particularly interesting. While this post does not describe much right now, it is the first of a series that I think will be a must read. He’s collected all kinds of different yeast and bacteria that are not traditionally used to ferment beverages but are in the same families as those that are. He plans to attempt to brew safe and tasty new beer with these. I say attempt because we don’t really know what will be created, no guarantees here. But that’s what will make this series of posts so amazing, we could be witnessing a new chapter in fermentation history being written.

Inbounds Brewing – Lambic, Recipe and Brewday

This is part 4 of a series on lambic. In parts 1 through 3, we’re taught all about the lambic style and how it is possible for a homebrewer to brew a traditional style lambic. The whole series of posts is very well written and does a great job explaining all of the steps. This post clearly explains the brew day process and I look forward to reading about how this all turns out.

Five Blades Brewing – Geburtstagsparty – “Traditional” Vienna

This beer just looks and sounds delicious. There’s a great explanation of this style and what a good recipe does and does not include. The pictures look great, the process and recipe are well explained. Not much else to say besides this looks like a great tasting beer and one I will be brewing later.

Larsblog – Oppskake

This post is not so much about recipes or process as it is about tradition. I love the description of this Norwegian brewing tradition. It shows that in some areas of the world the only brewing is homebrewing and paints a beautiful picture. I feel like this is why I homebrew, to share what I’ve made and what I’ve learned, to learn from others with more experience and most of all to spend time with my friends and family around a tasty beverage. I love all things about this tradition. Thank you for sharing it with us!

And that’s it, my favorite posts of the week. Were there any others that you read that didn’t make the cut? Let me know about them!


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